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2007 Shoemaker Grant Recipient

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A Practical Guide to Lightcurve Photometry and Analysis

"Oh, how long we have waited for a book like this!"
Richard Binzel, Editor – Minor Planet Bulletin

Now available at Amazon.com and Barnes&Noble.com

Click here for more reviews and information

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MPO Software (Version 10)

Important Note about Buying MPO Software

The MPO web site is migrating to a new hosting service. The first step was to change the URL for purchasing MPO software and using PayPal to handle credit card transactions. It is not required that you have a PayPal account to purchase software. You can use your credit card as before, with more cards being accepted than before.

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Thank you for your patience!

Last upgrades posted: 2011 January 17 (v10.3.0.0)
The latest version supports a binary version of the AAVSO APASS catalog but the update files do not include the catalog because of its size. The catalog as it now stands, about 4 M stars, will be made available shortly.

Automated Imaging and Precision Data Reduction/Analysis
Imagine getting hundreds of images overnight while you sleep. Imagine reducing them in only a few minutes to find the rotation period of an asteroid or to reduce variable star observations to standard magnitudes. You don't have to imagine. You can do it with ease with MPO Connections and MPO Canopus.

"The software is an absolute miracle of integration and simplification of a staggering number of variables, processes, mathematics and hardware.   I still can't believe it when I run your software through its paces; its just dazzling!" – D.D., WA

MPO LCInvert

Shape and Spin Axis Modeling for Asteroids
Based on the algorithms and code of Mikko Kaasalainen and Josef Durech, this advanced tool is for upper level researchers looking to convert lightcurve data into 3-D models. Data can be imported from the UAPC/SAPC catalogs and MPO Canopus. The core libraries (in C and Borland Delphi) are available at no charge under a open source license.

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Palmer Divide Observatory

Professional Level Asteroid Lightcurve Research
Take a tour of the Observatory, located 20 miles north of Colorado Springs, CO, and then review the approximately 800 lightcurves that have been published in the Minor Planet Bulletin, Icarus, and other journals.

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Observing Guides

Aids to Make Your Observing Easier and Better
Generate asteroid ephemeredes, read tips for getting good flats and polar aligning your telescope, or see which asteroids might be close to a bright star or deep-sky object.

The observing guide pages are now on the MinorPlanet.info web site. This is a gateway to "many things asteroid", including the CALL web site, downloads of the Minor Planet Bulletin, access to the asteroid lighcurve database (LCDB), and mor.


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