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MPO Connections - Camera Control

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MPO Connections supports many cameras: SBIG (excluding STV and ST-4/6), Apogee AP series, and FLI DM/IMG/MaxCam. You can operate "manually", using the controls on the toolbars to setup almost anything from simple one-shot images to a complex series that involves taking several images through different filters, or via a script.

A status bar at the bottom of the main Connections form keeps you informed about each camera's connection and temperature status.

One of the outstanding features of Connections is the ability to create any number of "Exposure Parameters" sets. Each set provides all the information needed to control the camera for a specific image or series of images. The sets can be recalled from the drop down list on the camera control toolbar, meaning you don't have to reset exposure, filters, or whatnot every time you want to shoot a different object or a different way. It's a real time saver!

Guided images are supported – of course, either through the internal chip of many SBIG cameras or any supported camera working independently. This includes the external guider of the SBIG Research (LF) series cameras.

Drift scan (TDI) is supported for SBIG and FLI cameras.

For more about camera control with Connections, download the MPO Connections manual (PDF).


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