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The Inversion Wizard is a single form that takes you step-by-step through the process of inverting a set of lightcurves into a shape and spin axis model. The initial lightcurve data can be of three formats. The first is called "Kaasalainen", which follows the format required by the original FORTRAN code by Mikko Kaasalainen and C translation by Josef Durech.

The second format is that of the MPO Canopus (version 9.1 and higher) CONDENSED file output. This file is generated when doing period analysis of lightcurves in Canopus. If lightcurves from several apparitions are available, then several files should be created, one for each apparition or – if necessary – subset within an apparition. Such would be the case when following an NEO and the amplitude of the curve changed significantly during the range of observations. Another tutorial will cover importing MPO Canopus files in more detail later on.

The third is "generic" data that has at least JD and magnitude pairs.

The MPO Canopus and generic data are internally converted to the Kaasalainen format. You have the option of saving the converted data so that you can exchange them with other LCInvert users (or those using their own programs) expecting data in the Kaasalainen format.


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