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2007 Shoemaker Grant Recipient

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Automated Imaging with Ease
Imagine controlling your telescope and CCD camera automatically, getting hundreds of images each night, moving among a set of targets – skipping those that have set or not yet risen and stopping when twilight begins. Imagine changing filters and the exposure for each one with a single command. Imagine refocusing automatically during the run so your images stay sharp. Imagine all this and more and then do it with MPO Connections.

"I am blown away by how beautifully the software works! Watching as Connections creates a long target list out of a list of many thousands, translates into a script, patiently steps through hundreds of commands, coordinating multiple pieces of hardware made by different manufacturers, hunting for (and finding!) a guide star, taking a tracked image AND dark, saving them by target name to directories distant on the network, all I can say is... aaaahhh!"  - D.D., WA

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Precision Image Reduction and Data Analysis
Imagine creating master flats and darks and merging them with your images. Imagine measuring hundreds of images of an asteroid or variable star in only a few minutes. Imagine finding the period and amplitude of the resulting lightcurve using the industry standard for Fourier analysis. Imagine reducing your measurements to standard magnitudes without using spreadsheets and calculators. Imagine finding new asteroids and variable stars. Imagine all this and more and then do it with just one programMPO Canopus.

"I'm very happy with Canopus! After struggling through a couple of asteroid photometry analyses using another program and spreadsheet, the automated features in Canopus make it a dream, and I've been able to share/merge light curve data with a couple of other observers."B.B, CA

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A Guide to the Minor Planets
Imagine generating highly accurate positions for hundreds of thousands of asteroids. Imagine knowing in which years each one can be best observed. Imagine generating finder charts for each one. Imagine detailed listings of asteroid appulses involving bright stars, deep-sky objects. Imagine all this and then have it all and more with the MPO 2011 Asteroid Viewing Guide.

"Through the help of MPO2000's photo search, I could positively link an orbit from 1993 (6 positions with an arc of only 30 days) with old positions from 1953. With the improved MPC-orbit, it showed that MPO2000's calculated position with the 30 day arc-orbit, perturbed to 1953, was off by only 1.0 arcmin, which was quite amazing to me...! It shows that the initial orbit was quite good and MPO2000 did its job admirably. Therefore I regard MPO2000 as a powerful tool to help in quickly identifying objects with positions back in time..."  P.T. - Austria

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Lightcurves to 3-D Models
For many years, the problem of determining the shape and spin axis parameters of an asteroid elluded astronomers. Breakthroughs in the past two decades have allowed the problem to be solved, with stunning results when compared to spacecraft photos.

Among the leaders in the field of lightcurve inversion has been Mikko Kaasalainen. He has made his core source code libraries available and so enable any serious researcher do his own work. That source code has been incorporated into MPO LCInvert.

The core libraries (C and Borland Delphi) are avaialable at no charge under an open source license. The source code for LCInvert is not available. 

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System Requirements:

  • Windows 98 SEII-Win7 (32/64-bit).
  • 8 GB HD
  • RAM suitable to your O/S
  • DVD
  • 800x600x256 (min of 1024x768x64K strongly recommended)

About Manuals

In order to conserve paper keep costs to a minimum, the full reference guides for MPO software and the Users Guide are provided as Adobe PDF files. These are automatically installed in the DOCS directory the main MPO directory.

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