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Running MPO Canopus on a Mac with Virtual PC

From a Canadian user who attended the Photometry Workshop in Big Bear (May 2005)

Just to let you know that the code and programming in your software must be pretty darned fine as I have been running Canopus Ver 8.0 on my Mac PowerBook using Virtual PC. It actually runs better than Microsoft's own Street's and Tips program!

Both of them use charting principles and image zooming methods along with heavy database usage. Canopus blows the doors off Microsoft's program, plus it has never once hung up on me.

All this while running on a Mac! 

If you have any users out there who are wondering if Canopus will run on a Mac you can tell them as long as they have Virtual PC it will work like a charm. In fact as I was sitting in the back of the conference room and following along with your examples I could compare how my Mac/Canopus was running compared to some of the Pentium4 laptops in front of me. Any of the star matching
and lightcurve generation was handled with ease and I was finished at the same time as any of the other PC folk around me.

D.H. - B.C, Canada


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